Exam Week

This week the students are busy preparing and learning as well for the examinations. Glad to see them studying, however, some didn’t care about their exams, huh! Seeing them learn gives us teachers the courage to continue and allow them to learn in many ways. It’s a long journey for them to learn and it’s worth it! After few years of struggles, they will receive the harvest if they faint not. Keep on learning and aim high!

Sick and Tired with Strength to Behold

I was sick and tired few weeks ago. I don’t even want to travel nor do anything. I feel so tired but then when I asked the Lord for strength, He gave me more than I could ever imagine. Now, I’m back and keep on doing things for my students and family. It’s not so easy to be sick this time. It’s really very different. My dean would tell me to keep going and drink more vitamin c everyday.

The Summer


I was able to train some young people to know more about the Lord. Last summer, we had many activities and this was one of those that we did. It’s something worthwhile and the youth enjoyed the said event. After which we went to another province and stayed for 2 nights before going back to Bacolod.

Many things happened but we enjoyed and had fun going out together. The youth had the opportunity to travel and be with themselves and just to enjoy life and gave them time to reflect.

Cleaning Time

Today, it’s cleaning time for us and hubby. We cleaned the surroundings and I stayed at home because I helped hubby do many things. At last, everything was okay and we were able to place all our things in order.

We feel good about it though we’re quite tired. It’s a good thing to prepare and clean our house. Now we’re ready to receive visitors and friends.

Quite Busy

Life is tough sometimes. We went to another city nearby to prepare for the Medical Mission and we’re quite excited how the Lord touched the hearts of people. It’s good that we were able to have a closer contact with the officers of the barangay. Thank the Lord for that opportunity. Many things will be done this week and the following and the Lord has been good and faithful. We’re praying that the Lord will protect and shield the people and the place.

Employees Night

john b7

It’s for the first time that we had our Employees Night in our school. For many years we held it in another island and this year our administrator decided to have our first and ever employees night. We had fun, fellowship and giving of gifts. Although I didn’t receive any but we’re able to enjoy to the max and had some pictures taken for everybody. Hope to have another soon.