It’s Christmas Time

It’s another Christmas celebration for everyone. We celebrate! We dine together! We met old friends! And we treasure the moments! It’s something that we desire during this season of the year. Celebrations here and there, eating now and then… I’m blessed to have my family to be with. My hubby has been there through thick and thin. My kiddos have already grown ups and we enjoyed every step of the way seeing them grow and learn.

This season of the year is a great time for our family. My sister working in a cruise ship will be getting married to a Macedonian. She met in the same cruise ship she had been working. We will celebrate of God’s goodness and faithfulness all throughout the years. I do believe, we were blessed because of our Tatay who had been praying for us and our family. Now we reap the harvest, we struggled but gained something because of the prayers of our forefathers. And wee keep on praying what Tatay had started and we celebrate and thank God for all the blessings flow!

Hubby did it!

Hubby took the examination last September in the LET Exam and he was able to pass. Thank God for the blessing of life, and success in every endeavor of His children. He is now on his way to finish his Master’s Degree. Thank you for the provision, protection and blessings. We are always grateful to YOU for the the things that you’ve done.

A Place to Belong

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One of the things we love doing is to make children make their day complete. Giving them something to eat, allowing them to explore the world around them and enjoy playing with others. When we’re in Thailand, hubby and I had the opportunity to bless others especially the children. We love to keep them alive, teaching them the English language and train the mothers for a better future. Somehow, these are the things that make our lives complete. We even join groups to bless people around the city and other keep track of other Filipinos and listen to their cries.

A New Experience

We went to another town last weekend and we were so blessed seeing all the people in the church and how they respond to the service for the Lord. Hubby and I were invited to speak during their couple’s fellowship. According to the Pastor they started doing it last year and wanted to continue doing it to uplift the married couples who faithfully serving the Lord and encourage those who are not faithful or even those who do not belong to the family of believers. It’s the best experience ever!

We wish to go back and be a part of the work once in a while and see them grow in the Lord.

Be Thankful

It’s almost one month of teaching today. Everybody seems to be very busy preparing for classes and other things necessary to finish. It’s a great month, we were doing a lot of things in school. Somehow, learning is always to keep going. We need to continue learning and be ready anytime.There are many things to learn as long as we live. We’re thankful that God is the giver of all gifts and we were blessed by all things. Thank you Lord!

Be a Blessing

My joy of training voice lessons to students is insurmountable. I love training them and seeing them grow and improve. It’s my heart’s desire to train anybody and be creative enough to improve their talents and skills. Hoping that in the near future they could also share it to those who wanted to be trained. It’s a very good idea to consider and be a blessing to others.

AJ’s Moment



AJ likes to pose and enjoyed any pose with different backgrounds. Try to look at him, is he enjoying? Even in school, he loves to learn and be with friends and classmates. He didn’t want to miss any activity. He would cry without his assignments and things to bring in school. It’s a blessing to have our sons. They are gifts from the Most High! May Hid blessing continue to overflow. Hubby and I continue to thank the Lord for all His blessings!