The Struggles Within

Feeling sad is what I feel these months, many times I felt sad. But I believe the Lord is there with me, thank you Lord for all the blessings. Though the pain is heavy, God is heavier than all of these struggles. Thank God for strength and putting a smile on my face amidst all these trials along way. The Lord is putting in my heart that I don’t need to trust people but for HIM and HIM alone.

Down Again

My blog was down again, thank God for giving me friends to help me retrieve it. I am now looking for possibilities to protect it though. Somehow, blogs make me happy and I enjoy writing anything under the sun. Trying to make my blogs safer but even then, online activities are not safe anymore.

Thanks for friends who care and knows what to do. Friends are always treasured.

The Missing Thing

I missed writing my blogs these days. This is the missing thing since I have a lot of things to accomplish and can’t find any time to write anything under the sun.

Somehow, writing looks for me, huh! It’s not so easy to do things together and many times I regret to finish one and neglect the other. Anyhow, I need to take time and keep going in making my blogs exist and keep doing it’s track. I would love to do it soon. I would choose to write and make my blog work again.

Keep Writing

I’m not sure if my blogs are hacked again. All I know is it is blocked and I don’t know why??? Anyway, I will still continue to work it out and will continue to write if I have a chance to do so.

This is my blog about my love story and I need to keep it going. I am still encouraged to write and be a part of the blogging world.

Missed Blogging

It’s been awhile that I did not write here. I missed blogging here and visiting some friends around the globe. I will try to write everyday and share some of my experiences in teaching and the experiences I have had with hubby. We have a lot to share if time permits. It might be an enjoyable moment, something to learn or news about married life. Either way, expect to read here soon. How this title reflects the reality of our lives as a couple and how our love story started. See you there.