Keep on Track

Keep on track is something to think about. God is in control and He knows everything. He is supernatural, a marvelous and awesome God. You can’t help but thank Him for all things even our lives, resources and all the blessings we received everyday. Keeping on track would mean keeping in constant connection with Him who justified us and made us His own. He is our God who reigns forevermore and we need to do things right not for us but for Him who died for us. God is always good and faithful.

A Thought for the Day

A smile is a language everybody understands
It costs nothing but it creates much
It happens fast but its memory lasts
So keep smiling, stay calm and be blessed…

Isn’t it nice to find someone who will turn your heartaches into smile
someone who will rebuild your world better than before
Someone who is worth loving
Someone who stays forever like or Almighty God…
Do you believe HIM? Trust Him now, He is waiting for you to call Him. Isa. 41:10