I felt like I was cheated and it hurts to the deepest part of my being. It’s something that I could not escape. But I need to be strong and ask the Lord to give me the strength that I need every step of the way. I don’t know why is this happening to me? Why do I need to suffer like this? Somehow… something in my future God will carry me through.

It’s more than a year now and it is still continuing to strike me straight to the heart. Why do I love thee that much? Why not leave and become what others can do? Why me Lord? Why? Feelings….

Be Away

To be away is not what I wanted. However, when it is necessary I grab the opportunity. Somehow, checking myself and trusting God’s protection for my family is indeed the great thing I can do since I don’t have any control whatsoever.

This will also be an avenue for me to learn and excel in whatever way I can for the good of the school. It’s a privilege at the same time.

The Boodle Fight Experience

boodle f

We had boodle fight last Saturday with the youth in Talisay. It was memorable because we shared our food and we’re all full and ate a lot, waaah! Our invited Pastor and his wife had experienced it first hand and first time. They loved it. I had that same experience when I was working at John B and we enjoyed.and since hubby had been connected to training college students in their army training he knows what it’s all about. It’s fun and we all enjoyed.