Hubby did it!

Hubby took the examination last September in the LET Exam and he was able to pass. Thank God for the blessing of life, and success in every endeavor of His children. He is now on his way to finish his Master’s Degree. Thank you for the provision, protection and blessings. We are always grateful to YOU for the the things that you’ve done.

The Father’s Day Special


It’s hubby’s time today. We went to the mall and just enjoy roaming around and bought something he likes. It’s a beautiful and enjoyable day. We had fun and laugh at our mistakes. When we reach the place where we take a ride on a jeepney I told hubby to stay and I will buy something. When I came back I was quite shocked of the things he brought with him. Then I realized my Nanay (mother) was there with her helper. We went home after few minutes.

The Family Altar

Our father passed away last Tuesday. He already rested and filled with assurance that he is now in heaven with the Lord. He was bedridden for more than a couple of years and he struggled for life. We will be missing him but he is now safer that what we could imagine. We love you Tatay. There are many memories that we could think and remember about Tatay but there’s one thing I could never forget, he taught us the “family altar” and we always remember that legacy that Tatay handed over to us.

“Father and Sons…”

Last Sunday, our church celebrated “Father’s Day.” A special time dedicated to all the fathers. Our young people and young adults group prepared a short presentation for them. My hubby was not able to attend the special activity because he was invited as a speaker in another church. I just received the gift (from Starbucks) that they were giving out to fathers. In my heart, I am thankful for an opportunity to be a part of a family that values intimate relationships.

My sons and their father shared a strong bond together. There might be time that due to busyness, my husband forgot to spend some time with them. Both of them will surely complaint. Then their father will find some ways to make up to them. Sometimes, the three of them will just go out together for what they call, “boy’s day out.” Or even just spend time together watching their favorite movie: Lord of the Rings, even tho’ they have seen it a hundred times over, having a good laugh together or simply having some wrestling matches, pillow fights and tussles in the bedroom. I am at peace, knowing my husband take time to be with our kids.

It is really true that for children, love is spelled T.I.M.E. All the riches of this world could never buy back the time you lose. One need simply to be there! To experience the delight and pleasures of seeing your children grow. I am so glad, we decided not to stay longer in Thailand – but to be with them.

Our Precious Possession

Hubby and I were contemplating few weeks ago about our sons, our teenager Em2 and 8-year old AJ. We have blessed with 2 sons although the Lord didn’t allow us to have girls, anyhow, we are blessed and grateful to the Lord for all He has done in our lives. They are our precious possession. God has been good to us in spite of our limitations and weaknesses. He continues to love us and care for us.

It’s not so easy to let them grow. We always remind them of believing and trusting the Lord with all their hearts. It is the basic and necessary for us – we do believe that without God we can’t do anything. We even thought of making something worthwhile and let them follow all the way. Like doing daily activities that are beneficial for them and their future. We already started doing it and it’s worth. We gave an opportunity for them to learn and earn.

How to Earn Points
1. Clean the room —– +10
2. Fix the bed —– +7
3. Wash the dishes —– +8
4. Wash his plate —– +5
5. Clean the sala —– +7
6. Study for 30 minutes — +10
1 hour — +20
7. Read the Bible —— +20
8. Read the books —— +10

Hubby told me he added to it but I wasn’t able to see it. I will try to check before posting. We wanted our sons to learn many things and have fear and reverent to God. So we try to do everything to help and train them.
9. Read books in school
10. Joyful
11. Helping the kitchen

Love is spelled…T.I.M.E.

Time is our most precious asset.  Not one of us know how much of it we have left, or what will be God’s plan for the rest of our lives.

But one thing for sure, we know God is in control.  We must think about priorities of what we have to do from God’s perspective not ours.  Our family needs our love and commitment.  sometimes though, in the hustles and bustles of our lives – we have forgotten what is important.

We need to understand that we must not exchange the things that are important to the pursuit of what is trivial.  We overlooked something essential to having a happy family – time spent with them.  It is not about giving them the most expensive gifts, gadgets or by satisfying their wants.

It is more about spending time with them, taking the efforts to be involved with their interests and doing things together.  Our children will one day, have their own choices and be independent from us.  So in their growing up, let’s make sure that we have not forgotten them.  A time spend with them is something they will always cherish and treasure.  Beautiful memories were etched forever when we invest our most precious asset.

To me it is not about the question of quality or quantity.  What matter is – we all take the efforts to be with our loved ones.  Let us remember, love is spelled T.I.M.E.