My Crystal Designs

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These are some of the pictures of my creative designs made of crystals. I enjoy making this before but due to my busy schedule I failed to continue making this year. But I still have the desire to continue what I’ve started. I will try to reschedule my time and work so that I can have time to make. I am a lover of creations. It’s a man-made creations and I love it. It’s a God-given gift that I need to use and bless others.

My Crystals Creativity

I was enjoying my creations when I was in Thailand few years back. I was able to make these designs and was able to make money too. I was thankful to the God Almighty who gave me wisdom and guidance. It was not easy but was able to make a lot of designs. It was interesting and I enjoyed every bit of it. I was even did a couple of designs for the wedding of my friends and it was good and attractive.