A Small Boy

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When AJ was still a small boy he enjoyed playing like a superman or spider man. He loves different strokes and enjoyed praying as well. He has a lot of friends and men, women and children alike love him because of his aura and friendly attitude. Now, he’s a grown up 12-year old lad, wanted to do his own way.  And has his own choices.

Sometimes I feel bad about his character but then I was reminded of the stages of development of the children. I am still praying that after this stage, he would learn to be sensitive, loving and responsible person.

The Huge Lake

This is the place we love to visit again and again in Thailand. Kids love to come and do boating while feeding the huge fish around the lake. It was so memorable for our kids especially AJ who loved to go around and enjoy seeing the huge lake. Huge fish are around the lake and nobody would like to get not even one because of people’s belief. I would love to visit this place if given a chance someday.

I’m Busy

I still can’t upload pictures here. Will still check for more details. Last Sunday I was able to direct a choir, it’s West Negros Glee Club alumni. I was able to make an FB for the group and wanted to post some pictures soon.

Supposedly, I will be joining my co-teachers in Guimaras for 3 days for a group activity but I wasn’t able to since I have my Ph.D. classes until tomorrow. And I will be reporting as well with our exam so I decided to stay and attend to my classes. There might be another opportunity next time.

Blessings from above

It’s been a while that I haven’t shared any photos I’ve got from nature. I gladly share it today since it’s a holiday and I have time to write anything under the sun. I’d been to teaching this month as well as taking subjects for my Ph.D. Hope I could make it so that I could finish my doctorate degree and I could soar high and look for the best school anywhere in the world. I can’t be proud of myself because I know and I believe that God is there helping me along the way. I always thank HIM for everything He has showered upon my life. Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift of love and blessings. Try to look at the pictures, it’s cool and keeps on moving no matter what. It’s a blessing from above.

The Best Performance

This is one of my favorites. I was given a token of appreciation after I trained the Hotel Management students in one of the schools in Thailand. I gave the students some tips on how to speak English in relation to their work place after finishing their studies. Some of them will be working in five-star hotel, prestigious beach resorts and other spa or personal services establishments.

Communicating in English for the Thai students are very important for their professional growth as well as a plus factor when they are already working in their own field of expertise. I do enjoy the time I have spent with them, knowing that my labor will not be in vain. I am looking forward to a time that, I will hear from them. Their own success stories and on how my advises and training for them had helped them reached their aspirations in life.

As for myself, I felt doubly recompensed knowing, I had given my best for them. That once in my lifetime, I had make a difference in their lives.

Time out with the kids..

I am so glad that last Monday we had the opportunity to enjoy a school holiday. It gave us time to enjoy a “time out with our kids.” There’s nothing so special that we’ve done, except we just stayed home. Both my sons, our teenager with his younger brother enjoy a time pitting their wits against each other in a game of chess and checker. Time for them seems to stand still, forgotten was the time to play computer games or even go out with friends or classmates.

I am just amazed at the turn of events, especially when my teenager said, “I am no longer interested in playing computer games.” For me, that’s good news! Now, I need not worry about having both of them spend much time in front of a computer. As I look at both of them…I would say, our time out with the kids, is one beautiful way of making memories together.

Holy Week Experience

I’m not sure if some of you knew what happened to me last year, I had miscarriage due to the myoma that triggered. Last March I graduated from my Master’s Degree then elebrated my birthday when I felt something inside of me. My myoma became bigger, so I went to the doctor last March 29 for check up. There and then, I knew that I was 6 weeks pregnant. I didn’t feel anything or any morning sickness at all. Everyone in the family was so glad and excited especially hubby and my 2 sons as well as the cousins and friends so with our church family. After knowing it the next week my tummy became big with unusual size. It seems that the baby was already 5 months old. I even was surprised at the size of my tummy and even some of the church members while looking at me. They even were asking if it’s only 2 months since it’s really big.

When other friends looked at me, they would utter a word saying “that’s a baby girl” because I look pretty with a clean face though. I just smiled at them and praying for a girl of course. Most of our friends who would look at me would say the same thing. But something happened again.

Last Friday, (Good Friday) we had our “7 sayings.”We hurriedly went to the church after visiting our mentor who just came back from 2 years of studying and learning Mongolian language and culture. At 1pm our service started. Many visitors came and we (the choir) rendered 2 songs. Around 4 pm when we decided to go home. We sent our sister and her family back home and we visited our parents as well who are staying with them at the moment because our father is already bedridden. We prepared for dinner and we’re glad to buy something on the way since almost all of the small and big stores were closed. After dinner, we went back to the church because our teenager was still there with the cousins preparing for the Youth Camp the next 2 days.

Then we fetched our nephew in the bus terminal at 9pm. We went back home and waited for our teenager and some youth to stay in our house for the night. There were 9 of them. They slept late so I waited for them to be asleep around 11 pm. I guess, I was so tired that day. So I woke up late while all of them went out for jogging. When I woke up they were already home so I hurriedly cook something for them.

At 9am, I felt something coming out of me. I didn’t bother but after 10 minutes I went inside the toilet and found myself with a spot of blood. I then told my sister who was around and told me to rest. I then sent a message to my OB-Gyne and gave me something to take to save the baby.

Yesterday, I went to my doctor for check up. She could not decide nor give me some medications unless she finds the result of the ultrasound. I then went for ultrasound – we are blessed because we have a doctor for ultrasound in our church. We asked her help, and after lunch she did the ultrasound. It took an hour for me to stay inside the room with hubby. She did not speak during that span because she didn’t want to say anything unless she is sure of the result. Then, after an hour of waiting, she declared that the baby has no heartbeat. I was shocked because during my 1st miscarriage I was bleeding as if I was giving birth and this time there was only small blood spots but there was no heartbeat. The first time we knew that we have a baby last month we could still see the heartbeat because she showed it to us during her actual ultrasound while I was lying. But yesterday, heartbeat was nowhere to be found. She told us that supposedly for 10 weeks now, the head of the baby and the hands were already formed but in the case of our baby, it was not grown and no more heartbeat. When I went back to my OB-Gyne, I was shocked when she told me that I need an urgent operation this week to avoid complications and poisoning since the fetus is still there inside. I need an urgent operation known as “Hysterectomy.”To take all, the myoma, the fetus and the 2 ovaries and to make sure that myoma won’t come back and find its way to stay again.

We need to prepare 45,000 Php in just 5days. We believe the Lord is able to provide. We just need to claim it and trust the Lord in everything. God is good and God is great.