A Thought

God always has something for us
A key for every problem
A light for every shadow
A relief for every sorrow
And a plan for every tomorrow

May He always find us faithful in every step of the way. He is always there if we call upon HIM. He will answer all our questions and deliver us from all sickness and give us long life if we only seek and honor Him all the days of our lives. And trust Him to do wondrous things for us. God is good – God is great! He knows our future, He knows our needs and He understands our situations.

Messages for You

My wish for all of you this year 2012…

1. Happiness deep inside
2. Serenity at every sunrise
3. Success in every phase of your life
4. Family beside you
5. Caring friends around you
6. A love that never ends
7. Good health within you
8. Beautiful memories of yesterdays
9. A nice day to be thankful for
10. A pathway to a better tomorrow
11. Dreams that come true
12. Be satisfied in whatever you do…

This is my best message to all of you. Go forward and keep trusting the Creator inn everything you do.