The Skills


My sister works in a cruise ship and many times I posted some of her pictures and we enjoyed looking at her. She was transferred to the biggest cruise ship since her skills are needed. She’s good in selling products and did a lot of things for the her group. She was loved by her manager and she was asked to work with manager wherever the manager transferred. I will be sharing the ship next time. I just wanted to check it first although she shared it already. More next time.

A Man of Works

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Hubby is fond of helping and doing things for the Lord and for mankind. Every time there is an opportunity he would easily grab it. He’s a person who wanted to help and be kind to others even strangers. If you look at the picture, the latter, he was preparing for the youth camp of our church near the beach and the 1st picture he was behind helping those who suffered from flood in Thailand. He’s a person who works hard for others and he even had lesser times for himself. He’s a working man wanted to bless and be kind to people.

The Family

This is my family. There are many ups and downs. Life is tough at times. But thank God my family is blessed by the Lord. I have 2 sons, 17 and 9 respectively. The eldest is in first year college taking Computer Engineering and the other is in Grade 3. They all display a wonderful talent God has given. Hubby is helping the church but wanted to have a new work. Not sure yet. I pray that the Lord will guide and lead him along the way.

My Teenager

Training young ones these days would mean something. What I mean is that when kids are grown ups they learned many things and at times the parents need to look for the possible things to join them in order to keep in contact with them. They have their own style and way of doing things that parents have a hard time connecting with them. It’s worth the patience and the struggle sometimes.

That’s what I wanted for our teenager. He has his own way of doing things that I can’t relate for so many times. And the thing that I do is just to be angry and force him to follow. It’s good that hubby is there to remind and tell him of what to do. The image of fathers are indeed very important while kids are growing.

Suan Siam Park Experience

We just take a pose with my son AJ when we’re in Suan Siam Park, Bangkok. AJ was still 5 years old during that time. I look younger too, whaaahhh!
This is the entrance of Suan Siam Park. Our adventure to this park was great. We went with our friends and others. We even met new friends in the park. The park was so nice and cozy especially if you get inside. Our kids loved the place.

My Brother and Sisters

I have 3 sisters and a brother. We gathered together in 2008 when our niece passed away. We went back to the Phil. From the left, our eldest Suzette, next is me, then our only brother Bops, our youngest sister Pinky and Susan, second to the last. All of us were married and have children except Pinky the youngest.

Our parents are still with us – our father is already 74 years old and our mother is 70. We are a family of teachers, from our Nanay (mother), eldest sister, yours truly, our brother and Susan except for Pinky. She travels and works in a cruise ship… usually in America and other parts of the world. Just recently, she came back home to the Phil. from Rome, one of the places she loved to visit. And she did it. According to her, she wasn’t able to travel around Spain because it was so cold and they have no time to visit other places. She is now back with us. Now, she’s in Boracay with some friends.