She Works in a Cruise Ship


My sister works abroad just like cruise ship. She’s been to many places and learn different languages and met different people in every walks of life. She met friends as well with different races and speak different languages. We always enjoy every time she went home since everyone in the family will be benefited by his kindness and gifts.

She even met close friends and would be easily fooled by many because she would easily believe them. Now, she learned his lesson and she learned to be tough at times.

My Sister’s Travel


When my sister came back from work in a cruise ship she went to different places in the country. Places that are tourist spots and she went with her close friend since we can’t be with her.

She went to Boracay, an island of many tourists then proceeded to Palawan and she swam to a beautiful beach in Puerto Princesa. Her last stop was Cebu and visited our nephew who is working as an engineer. The following day she asked me to book her for her way back to Bacolod. She’s now enjoying her life and enjoy the fruits of her labor. How I wish we could do it as a family. When that will be? Hope soon.

Enjoys Her Travel


My sister has been enjoying her work while traveling to different places around the globe. She had been to the U.S., Italy, somewhere in Europe and other places around. She loves to take pictures while she travels and the next month she will be going back home and stay for months. We always enjoy seeing her and be with her while she’s with us because we asked her of the things we love and she will buy it for us. It’s a kind of a treat to all of us, her family.