I was glad when I celebrated my birthday two weeks ago. Hubby brought something and gave me a present, yet my son was so excited to eat the chocolate cake and he enjoyed eating and left me some tidbits, huh! Anyway, a gift is a blessing and celebrating with hubby is something I loved to cherish. Thank you sweetheart for the gift of love. I will always cherish it with my heart and learn to give you my deepest love. God is always good and faithful.

Just Trust

Sometimes it’s hard to believe but it happens. Going to different places and staying for a while needs strength and determination. Somehow, I have learned to be strong with God’s help and guidance. It was not easy but trusting the Lord is always the best. Although at times I feel tired and frustrated but He is always there to comfort and support. Thank you Lord.

Share His Love

One of the things I missed doing is speaking in front of some believers in Thailand. Many times I spoke and shared something about our Saviour Jesus. It was a memorable experience for me. Although many times I trembled and worried of what to say but I was blessed by the Lord and He helped me. It’s not easy but when you shared something it feels good especially when it is about the Lord.

Because of our LOVE to HIM we continued to share through words and works of love. It’s one way of telling them who Jesus is. Many things are happening, people perish without knowing HIM and we grieved for the lost. His word inspires us and encourages us to move on and share His love to mankind.