In Waking Up

When we rise up this morning, let us think of what a precious privilege – it is to be alive, to breathe, to enjoy, to be happy, and how each moment of our life is a picture we have never seen before and which we will never see again.

May we begin this day with a smile, calmness of mind, coolness of emotion, and a heart filled with gratitude. Blessings to all!

About Life

Here is something to remind us about life. Here it is…

Life is too short to be unhappy

—- Laugh when you can

—- Apologize when you should

—- Let go of what you can’t change

—- Love deeply and forgive quickly

—- Take chances, smile when you are sad

—- Love with what you got and stay faithful of what you have,

People change and things go wrong but always remember:

With God’s grace and peace — life is beautiful !!!!!

Thoughts to Ponder


I smiled when I received this message from the FB of my sister. Somehow, it happened to some ladies who wished to have a boyfriend especially when they’re on the peak of their age. Guess, you will smile or even laugh at it.

The best thing to do these days is to have a common sense and to have the best choice since your choices you make today will determine your future.

Hate and Love

Hate has 7 letters but so does LOVE
Enemies has 7 letters but so does FRIENDS
Lying has 5 letters but so does TRUTH
Hurt has 4 letters but so does HEAL

Transform every negative energy into an aura of positivity. It’s our perception that makes the difference in the way we feel…. What do you think? Am I connecting? Blessings to everyone and God Bless.

Thought for the Day

Though it’s late but I would like to share a thought for everyone to think about especially this new year.

Always make your future bigger than your past
Make your contribution bigger than your reward
Always make your performance greater than your applause
Make your gratitude greater than your success
And always see GOD— bigger than yourself

Make sure to be a blessing to many… And make your day complete just by making a difference. Have a blessed evening to everyone.

Saying for the Day

‘I asked God, “Why do you have to create pain and hurt?
Why not all laughter and cheer?
Why do we have to cry?
Why not all smiles painted in our faces?
He held my hand and said,
“My child, you would not have time to Thank Me when you are always happy
Sometimes I let you experience pain and sadness for you to recognize Me.
Remember, whatever happens, everything has a purpose.
I always gave a rainbow after the rains…”