God is in Control

Sometimes life is crucial. Many times it is tough, a lot of times a painful experience. Whatever it is in your life, God is there waiting for us to call upon Him. He is there to carry us through. He is there waiting for you and wanting to bless us. That is our God, He reigns and He loves us dearly. I had been in a situation that I wanted to give up. I wanted to fight back, I wanted to do something that I may regret but God is faithful to guide and remind me of my frailty attitude and bring me to a realization that I cannot do anything without, that I cannot do anything without His help and blessing. Thank God, He is just there from a distance, looking at me … He is in control.

Even amidst this pandemic God knows, He sees our struggles, pains, hurts, turmoil, problems, whatever you have had experienced and you will be experiencing, He is there waiting for us to call upon Him! He is in control and He loves us so dearly that He wanted us to grow in His knowledge, goodness and faithfulness.

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