Health is Wealth

Just this morning, our dean told us about the happenings about the teachers here in our college. Health is wealth indeed. Taking care of our body is something that we need to focus and drinking coffee always can lead us to destruction. Somehow, we are reminded that our God gave us life in order for us to take care of it and give back the glory He deserves.

Taking care of our body is also something that we need to give attention to. Eating the right kinds of food at the right time such as eating vegetables and fruits and less carbohydrates and fatty foods and avoid dairy products, drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water and keeping ourselves healthy through exercises to make our body physically fit. If we do a lot of exercises but ate junk foods or unhealthy food, then we still missed the point of healthy lifestyle. Eating the right kinds of food must be coupled with other things mentioned above in order to maintain our healthy lifestyle.

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