His Joys



These are the things hubby did before. And from time to time he speaks to different churches around the region. It seems that people would love him to speak. Another thing he did was to teach children and students of all ages. People enjoyed him since he also did some tricks and some would say magic. But the truth is, it’s only tricks that he learned all throughout the years.

2 thoughts on “His Joys”

  1. I’m one of the students who listened to sir jun,all about his inspiring words about HIM(GOD). As a student and a human being,i love listening about god,all about his goodness.He is my inspiration,my savior,my best friend,my lover,my comforter.He is everything to me,and as a student,I admit that sometimes, i forget HIM, but when sir jun spoke about him, i realized, i must remember every second of my day,every goodness and graces he gave to me. I felt he touched my whole body and heart, whispering that,”I’m here my child,loving you and waiting for your call”. After sir jun spoke,i decided that GOD IS ENOUGH FOR ME,NOTHING ELSE WILL NEVER BE.

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