My Passion




This is my passion, my life. I enjoy training a choir, singing and listening to music. Every time I have the opportunity I will grab it and do something that I can be of great help.

4 thoughts on “My Passion”

  1. hahaha ms. relate man ko ky my passion man ko sa life… sometimes ms. nd man naton b ma paktan kung anu hilig taH. kis a ms. my mga opportunity man ko nga na recieve, that why ms.mka help man ni sya ang passion ko if ma ka work na ko someday.. 🙂

  2. its nice to know that busy schedules at work and taking care of your family is not a reason for you to give time for your own passion and its amazing that its for our Lord Jesus. i salute you miss!!

  3. its nice to know miss na despite of your busy sched…my time ka gid mag teach singing… and praising God at the same time. 🙂

  4. being a housewife a teacher and a trainor is not an easy thing to do. yet you were able to accomplish all of these. and its good to know that despite of your heavy workload you still have time for your passion; singing listening to music and praising GOD.
    and through that passion you were able to help others by sharing your talent with them.

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