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My hubby is the Battalion Civil Military Operations Officer of the 1st Ready Reserve Battalion of our province – Negros Occidental, under the 605th Community Defense Center, 6th Regional Community defense Group, Army Reserve Command, Philippine Army, as such, every year the Philippine Army Headquarters will assign them to new unit where they have to implement the National Service Training Program to the different school, colleges and universities.
He is now assigned at CHMSC Talisay main campus, to oversee and help facilitate those freshmen students enrolling in the program.

In spite that he is a product of one university which is also interested in hiring him to be an instructor, he preferred to be assigned to another unit. I am glad that he was chosen by the Commanding Officer to be the Instructor in this unit, he will be part of the state college where I am presently, teaching.

For such reason, his former unit where dismayed that they could not work together this opening but as one quotation I have read from Success stories, I could also echo my sentiments regarding this, “You will never discover new oceans unless you are not afraid to lose sight of the shore.” My husband believes that in a new environment, he might be able again to create an impact in the lives of the students and make a difference. It will also be a new kind of discoveries and an adventure for him.

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