Our Love Story (1st Phase)

Before hubby and I became friends, he loved to write letters. I also respond at times and that made him know me more. He enjoys writing letters and I also enjoy responding as well. When we learned to know each other more, I’ve got many letters already that my younger sisters checked from time to time. They were reading it without my knowing it. They even won’t agree that hubby wasn’t courting me that time. However, I insisted that we were only close friends.

Before hubby went to visit my hometown we were becoming closer each day. Hubby invited me and asked my older sister’s permission to go out and have a date (just a friend’s date of course) no strings attached, and that’s the time when my sister insisted that hubby was courting me when they checked the letters sent by hubby. Hubby always write “take care”, “love much” that made them come to a conclusion that hubby was really courting me.

Anyway, after hubby visited my hometown and asked permission from my parents, we still have “cold wars” because I insisted from what I had told him before, that I didn’t want my best friend to court me, maybe a kind of “pakipot thing” in Filipino which means shy to show up but you had that special feeling within, hahaha! Just don’t want to accept the reality… then he wrote a real “Love Letter” telling me that he loves me… waah! If I were you, how do you feel? To think of those days, I wanted but don’t want to tell him, hehehe! Then he asked me to be away for a week to make sure of his feelings and that he will not be deceived by his feelings alone. After 3 days he came back since he can’t afford not to see my beauty, lol! Telling me that he can’t live without me, waaahh! We were still friends and still didn’t accept the real feeling, and told him just wait for the right time and the right answer, just want to make sure of my feelings.

Then one day, I decided to write a letter for my answer. It was the right time for me since I was graduating and preparing for many things. I gave it to him and the next day, early morning, I saw him from a distance, he was riding in his bike with “pandesal and milo” ( a kind of bread and drink in the Phil.) with a big smile and another love letter thanking me of my suppressed “I Love You” hahahahahaha! It takes time for me to say “Yes” to him but it’s worth the waiting of course…. It is still fresh in my mind what had happened many years ago. It’s worth the struggle and the waiting! When God wills, it happens…