Our Precious Possession

Hubby and I were contemplating few weeks ago about our sons, our teenager Em2 and 8-year old AJ. We have blessed with 2 sons although the Lord didn’t allow us to have girls, anyhow, we are blessed and grateful to the Lord for all He has done in our lives. They are our precious possession. God has been good to us in spite of our limitations and weaknesses. He continues to love us and care for us.

It’s not so easy to let them grow. We always remind them of believing and trusting the Lord with all their hearts. It is the basic and necessary for us – we do believe that without God we can’t do anything. We even thought of making something worthwhile and let them follow all the way. Like doing daily activities that are beneficial for them and their future. We already started doing it and it’s worth. We gave an opportunity for them to learn and earn.

How to Earn Points
1. Clean the room —– +10
2. Fix the bed —– +7
3. Wash the dishes —– +8
4. Wash his plate —– +5
5. Clean the sala —– +7
6. Study for 30 minutes — +10
1 hour — +20
7. Read the Bible —— +20
8. Read the books —— +10

Hubby told me he added to it but I wasn’t able to see it. I will try to check before posting. We wanted our sons to learn many things and have fear and reverent to God. So we try to do everything to help and train them.
9. Read books in school
10. Joyful
11. Helping the kitchen