I’m Stressed

At times life makes you stressed and painful. But how do we manage stress would mean something than being stressed out. Anyway, we see the bright side of life than looking at the saddest part. Life must go on and allow the Lord to do something. TRUST means a lot, trusting the Lord is always a part of life no matter what might happen.

Stressful moments will not put our hearts downcast or make us feel bad, they must remind us that amidst stress the sun is still shining. It won’t stay long, a better part of life is still on its way. Just TRUST God and depend on Him alone always.

Be Healthy

Eating the right kind of food is indeed a blessing. You will be protected, you will be preserved, you will enjoy by God’s protection & power!

Everytime I see food on the table, I usually take first the healthy one. Although I also eat at times foods that are not as healthy as it should be. But when I go back, I usually pause and thought for a while, life must be enjoyed but with minimal bad choices in food, though.

Try to be healthy and eat healthy. That is what my heart desires!

A New Beginning

There will always be a new beginning and an ending. Whatever life may bring, although the journey is tough it gets going and we need to survive. That is what I told the students during the Pinning Ceremony for our students last week. Life may take ups and downs but the one who endures may conquer.

Life is a journey and the right choices will always be there if you want to prosper and succeed. But to trust God would mean something for me. God will always be there to guide if we choose to obey and ask His help. He is just a PRAYER away.

The Universityhood

Last week we had a very hectic schedule. Everybody is busy preparing all the needed documents for our universityhood conversion. It was memorable but to the max stress going to and fro.

Anyhow, we learned the hard way. A stressful week but a stress free experience after the closing remarks and exits. The announcements make us feel good.

According to CHEDRO we got 99% chance of becoming a university. It will be soon, maybe in a month, CHED will announce our college to become a university.

We are blessed to have supportive leaders. Thank you everyone for a job well done.

Loving Others

It’s not so easy to love those who are unlovable. But when we start praying for them, loving them is a kind that connects, it’s something you want to keep going and keep loving them in spite of…

Praying others especially those who are persecuted for their faith is something to think about, a vital gift we can offer for them.

God moves through our prayers to help others. Let’s continue to pray for them. God is at work and He will answer our prayers in due time. Let’s keep on loving them through praying for them. They will be blessed!

A Scenic Place

I would love to visit different places and looked like this one posted. Seeing this kind of scenic view makes your body, soul and spirit relaxed and feel the gentle breeze.

If given a chance to travel, I will choose this kind of place though. A place to behold, a place to be, and a place to relax. A peaceful place to visit again and again. Something green that makes your eyes see the beauty of nature and be amazed by God’s unfailing love in all His creation.

When God Intervenes

When God intervenes no one could stop or do anything against it. Many people would like to do several attempts to do something but if it is not His will for them they cannot prevent it to happen. God can do marvelous things that we could not really imagine!

Whether we see it or not, God is watching from a distance. Even when we feel unworthy, even when we feel unrighteous, He is working and watching over His children.

How often do we consider His protection every day? How often do we thank Him for what He did to us! Let us be thankful!