Demonstrating Grace

Every day we face different difficulties in life. Whether great or small, we cannot do away from it. Whatever difficulty we face each day, we know that God is able and reaches out to us with His loving arms, open wide, welcoming us into His safe embrace and He delights to show mercy. He gives us the grace and strength to forgive as we receive His love and compassion.

How do you respond to forgiveness? Can you think of someone to forgive today? Ask God to help you and He will make a way when there seems to be no way! Just demonstrate His love to mankind. He will do the rest for us.

AJ Turns 19

When I looked back 19 years ago, I could not help but remember the time we’ve been through. God was so gracious to all of us. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Now AJ is a grown-up man who fears the Lord and believes in God’s Sovereignty. God is a great God. Indeed, everything was good especially our lives; amidst all the hardships and struggles along the way. One step at a time – He was there ready to carry us through and Aj’s life is full of reasons to bless others and become God’s partner for His vineyard.

God has been faithful to my son in his ups and downs, in his struggles as a teenager, and his victories because God was there to bless him along the way. Nak, happy, happy birthday! I do believe God in His own time will grant the desire of our hearts! In His own perfect time!

Love is Patient

I’m amazed at how God in His Sovereignty would not do anything to His people. He’s a gentleman and how He waited patiently on us. The Messiah would wait until we come into our senses and ask for His help, guidance, and blessings! He is indeed a miracle-loving God.

when I was young, I desired to know Him and up to this time, I’m still longing to know Him more and the power of His resurrection. I still long to be in His presence and feel His love, mercy, and compassion. To receive peace and blessings!

A Place to Enjoy

I attended a wedding last time and since I was one of the Ninangs, I was quite prepared for the occasion and some of my church family also attended the wedding in Bulata Beach Resort.

It was indeed a beautiful place. The weather was cool and the sunset was indeed beautiful and the wedding was a blessing to everyone.

What the New Year Brings?

Many people always say:

New Year… New Beginning… New Challenges… New Blessings!

It’s always a challenge! On what to do in the new year, on what to hope in another year, on what to expect from the Lord this new year brings! For me, whatever happens, I am safe in God’s mighty hands. I have always expected something from the Lord since I started surrendering everything to Him! It’s a matter of believing in something you did not see, or you have not seen before, or might be seen in the future. God holds our future so we will never be dismayed or lose heart because He will carry us through!

Somehow, my faith continues to grow and I’m glad Jesus molded my life that is pleasing to Him! A life that I never expected since when I was young when people mock behind your back, I would easily get upset. Now, I could hear the difference from anybody seeing my life. They will tell me and I smiled at them and cried before the Lord for making me, ME!

I’m glad Jesus molded me to be the kind of person He wanted me to be! Thank you, Lord!

Never Give Up

This thought will always be in my heart to never give up on the Lord and continually trust in Him.

Let me share this thought and try to ponder and keep your heart attuned to HIM.

There is NO STORM that God won’t carry me through NO BRIDGE that God won’t help me cross And NO BATTLE that God won’t help me win I will always TRUST God and NEVER GIVE UP!

May this thought would help you grow in knowing our Creator.

New Greater Opportunities

This New Year brings new opportunities and blessings! We just need to TRUST the One who promised, the One who loves mankind, and the One who came, save, and died for all! New opportunities to help someone in need. Greater tasks to be of service, to be of help, and to be spending time with the Lord!

God loves those who call upon His name and ask for His help and blessings! He knows my name and knows everyone. Yet, He won’t help if you don’t ask and He won’t intervene if you don’t want Him to be a part of your life. He understands our frailties but we need to call upon His name, pray and ask for His help because He is just a prayer away! I love my God because He hears and answers my prayers!

Whatever this year brings – I am confident that He who promised is faithful and He is just there waiting for us to call on Him! What are you going to do? Will you call upon His Name? It’s your choice!

A blessed new year everyone!