The Best Performance

This is one of my favorites. I was given a token of appreciation after I trained the Hotel Management students in one of the schools in Thailand. I gave the students some tips on how to speak English in relation to their work place after finishing their studies. Some of them will be working in five-star hotel, prestigious beach resorts and other spa or personal services establishments.

Communicating in English for the Thai students are very important for their professional growth as well as a plus factor when they are already working in their own field of expertise. I do enjoy the time I have spent with them, knowing that my labor will not be in vain. I am looking forward to a time that, I will hear from them. Their own success stories and on how my advises and training for them had helped them reached their aspirations in life.

As for myself, I felt doubly recompensed knowing, I had given my best for them. That once in my lifetime, I had make a difference in their lives.