What the New Year Brings?

Many people always say:

New Year… New Beginning… New Challenges… New Blessings!

It’s always a challenge! On what to do in the new year, on what to hope in another year, on what to expect from the Lord this new year brings! For me, whatever happens, I am safe in God’s mighty hands. I have always expected something from the Lord since I started surrendering everything to Him! It’s a matter of believing in something you did not see, or you have not seen before, or might be seen in the future. God holds our future so we will never be dismayed or lose heart because He will carry us through!

Somehow, my faith continues to grow and I’m glad Jesus molded my life that is pleasing to Him! A life that I never expected since when I was young when people mock behind your back, I would easily get upset. Now, I could hear the difference from anybody seeing my life. They will tell me and I smiled at them and cried before the Lord for making me, ME!

I’m glad Jesus molded me to be the kind of person He wanted me to be! Thank you, Lord!

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