God Never Fails

God is indeed a gracious God, enough to even change the hearts of murderers, robbers, and tyrants. Just like what He did to Paul, who eventually wrote 13 books in the New Testament.

If God can use a murderer and persecutor to build up His Kingdom how much more for an ordinary person like you and me.

God never fails! Trust in Him through rainbows or storms!

When you do not know what to do or even what’s going on, the answer to that uncertainty is Jesus Christ. He listens, so you must listen to Him as well.

Always remember that God has a plan for each one, for you and me, remember God loves you unconditionally, believe and follow Jesus Christ, and God gives peace that passes all understanding. That’s our God!

Eating Healthy Food

Eating healthy food is always the cry of my heart. If I’m home, I remind and encourage myself to eat healthy food since outside there are many temptations. A lot of unhealthy choices are coming teasing us to try.

Somehow, somewhere along the highways and byways I must choose the healthy food and maintain a healthy living. I must hold on to what is best and good for health.

The Boracay Expose (First Day)

Coming to Boracay for the first time is indeed a memorable experience. Thanks to my dear friend Leny who invited me to join with the group.

This is an awesome place, I could attest how God richly bless the island. It’s so beautiful and wonderfully created by God. At first, the trip was quite not visible since there was a typhoon and lasted for few days. There was a rescheduled rebooking due to rainy days however, we were able to make it.

We woke up early on the first day and that was Holy Thursday when the sun rises for the first time after a 4-day rainy days with typhoon. Somehow, God works miraculously that even our desires and wants were granted.

We took Roro via Dumangas at 4am, a long and crowded line with a lot of people around the area with some kids were waiting just to get a ticket going to Dumangas. A van was waiting when we reached the place, and we were blessed as we travel because everything was smooth.

We were so hungry on our way since we just ate a little amount because it’s too early. Somehow, we were able to survive and patiently waited for the right stop to dine for brunch (breakfast and lunch).

We travelled that far almost 5hours but it’s worth it! A nice feeling to see Boracay for the first time. Thank you Lord for the safe travel and the provisions.

The Holy Week Celebration

I would like to share these thoughts about Holy Week.

  1. We remember God’s love when Holy Week is being observed. Whether we accept or reject it, the truth is, we all have sinned and fall short of the standards of God because He is holy and just and we aren’t.
  2. But God demonstrated His love for us through sending Jesus, His only begotten Son in order to save us from our sins and eternal condemnation and eternal death.
  3. But there is that free gift of eternal life if we choose to accept, a God-given gift through Jesus finished work on the cross of calvary. We can start a new life in Him.

The Travel

It’s a blessing to travel with some friends. This weekend, we travelled to the erupted volcano, the most visited Taal Volcano. Although it erupted last week but it was a great feeling to visit this tourist spot.

A great and delicious Bulalo in town we tasted and tried last night. We also tried dessert in a Bag of Beans. We were amazed of how they prepared and put things in order especially the photo booth and the places where we can take something to remember.