A Blessed Opportunity

Hubby was busy these days going back and forth and finishing some tasks for the week. I’m gathering some information as well for my Ph.D. subjects and glad I could make it and excited to finish my job. Everyday, I had the opportunity to talk to my students pieces of advise. It’s interesting to see students enjoying while listening to my simple joke and teasing moments with them. It’s a sort of fulfillment on my part as a teacher. I could make them feel at ease and strict at times when they’re not around always. It’s a moment of truth for those who are not behaving nor doing things for granted. My experiences in the past made me feel at ease to tell them and share to them.

I’m teaching at the same time studying in the university for my Ph.D. It will be more exciting if I could finish my Ph.D. Thank God for the strength, I’m blessed to have a God who understands and answers my petition and prayers. Blessed be His name from this time forth and forevermore….