“A Family that plays together stays together…”

We are living in a fast pace generation, where lots of families were too busy earning a living in such a way that they tend to forget that there are more essential things that matter in life. it is not wrong to want the best for the family – what is wrong, is when we forget the things that matter most to us. Due to the demand of our careers or our desire to lift up our economic and financial status, we sacrifice the one thing that we work hard for – the harmony and togetherness of our family.

We forget to give ourselves, and our family a most needed holiday. We worked ourselves to the bones, yet at the end of the day, when we take stock it seems that nothing much were added and we’re still stuck in the rut. Perhaps, what’s lacking is, for a time for our family to just let go of everything we do – packed our things and go some place to chill, to play, to make some memories and even just be together.

Perhaps we need again to rediscover the essence of play and recreation, and what its contribution to our well-being and family bonding. Actually, it is not about finances, its more about our creativeness – we can plan out great adventure and play for the family when we really understand the essence of play.

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