A Night to Remember

One night, my youngest sister told me that she wanted to go to a place where she can stroll or even sit down just to relax. So we decided to take her to our New Government Center (Bacolod City Hall), for a short night stroll. Yet, when the kids found out that we’re going out they all wanted to go, so we let them tag along.

When we arrived at the NGC, we saw many people walking, strolling and even kids playing on the spacious ground. We saw couples holding hands, students doing some dance numbers, it seems that night most of people decided to converge in that one spot. So we chose one place to sit down and listen to a very soothing music of yesteryear’s being played in rhythm with the water fountain. When we take a stroll around the fountain, we found out that the music aired throughout was a live one. And it was played by a cancer survivor, whose way of saying thank you and being grateful to be alive – is to share his talent for free.