AJ Turns 19

When I looked back 19 years ago, I could not help but remember the time we’ve been through. God was so gracious to all of us. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Now AJ is a grown-up man who fears the Lord and believes in God’s Sovereignty. God is a great God. Indeed, everything was good especially our lives; amidst all the hardships and struggles along the way. One step at a time – He was there ready to carry us through and Aj’s life is full of reasons to bless others and become God’s partner for His vineyard.

God has been faithful to my son in his ups and downs, in his struggles as a teenager, and his victories because God was there to bless him along the way. Nak, happy, happy birthday! I do believe God in His own time will grant the desire of our hearts! In His own perfect time!

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