My Birthday Wish

Last Sunday was my birthday and I was glad seeing a lot of friends giving me their greetings and glad to be my friends. I have a lot of desires to ask of the Lord. The Lord sees my heart and I know he knows everything that I have asked for. But one thing for sure, He knows what’s best for me and for my family. Thank you Lord for being there for me all throughout the years.

Turned 21




My baby 21 years ago is now a full grown man. He turned 21 the other day and we are blessed amidst the struggles and dazzles of life. Thank you Lord for all the blessings and hardships we have had in the past. Thank you for being there for us. He is now ready to face life and ready to mingle. Thank you for his life and his desire to be good and a better person. It’s always my prayer that the Lord will guide and lead him to the right path. And that, he will choose to do the right thing always.