Our teenager had just finished with his second camping. At first, in another two weeks ago he was so excited since he will be with the group in the church. After which, he didn’t want to join in another camp which is different from what they usually do. However, his Papa and I together with the older brother urged him to attend and we desired him to experience another lifelong experience. We’re glad he joined and he’s back yesterday with vigor and zeal.

Sometimes we need to push our kids to take another step and experience a new opportunity to be a part of God’s forever family. Thank you Lord for all the blessings flow.

In a Camp

Hubby attended a conference since Monday. It lasted for 3 days after which he proceeded to a camp to be attended by juniors, youth and the like. Today, he will be going back home. I was with him and our 9-year old son AJ last Tuesday but I went home the next day because I have an important thing to do in school. That conference was attended by more than a hundred delegates and everyone seemed enjoy listening to all the speakers and the food prepared.

Now hubby is on his way back home today for the birthday celebration of our niece who expected him to do some tricks for her special day.

English Camps

I missed teaching English Camps in Thailand. It’s rewarding and worth it. Kids love to study especially during their free time. Hubby loves teaching them some crafts and they had lots of fun and fellowship. I love teaching them some songs and stories.