Wedding Anniversary – A Celebration

Weddings are everywhere during Christmas season. Last December 23 was our 24th Wedding Anniversary and my sister’s wedding. It was a memorable day for all of us. God has honored our prayers. Though it had storms for the whole week but God allowed us to enjoy the day without drizzles of raindrops. Indeed, God allowed us to experience HIS goodness during the time when we really need help. He answers the petitions of HIS children and by faith we claimed it and God is always good and faithful.

Chinese New Year

It’s another year for Chinese community and they celebrated it since Friday until today here in our city. Hubby and I had been there yesterday looking at the activities and they still continue to celebrate until this evening. Everyone seems enjoying and making fun and taking pictures of all the lights during night time with all the shades of Chinese designs and some are just enjoying their day with the music. Somehow music has been a part of the people who would like to enjoy during this kind of celebrations.

All Saint’s Day Celebration

People prepared flowers and light the candles they brought to the cemetery which is the common practice during All Saints’ Day. They also bring flowers and light the candles they brought. Other countries have the same tradition, they did the same celebration like what Filipinos do. Thailand did not celebrate this kind of occasion. unlike other Asian countries that celebrate All Saints’ Day. Here in the Philippines, people do the cleaning the cemetery while visiting their relatives that passed away.

All Saints’ Day is a festival, a celebration for all the saints especially for the dead. This celebration may vary from place to place, country to country, however, the thought is still the same. Western people did this kind of celebration usually on the 1st day of November and it continued to the next day which is the All Soul’s Day as what Filipinos usually celebrate.

All Saints’ Day also celebrated by France people on the 1st day of November. People usually come to church services while praying for the dead. People from all over the country gather and visit the grave of their deceased relatives and clean the area and light the candles. The next day people will continue to celebrate for the All Soul’s Day. Although All Saints’ Day is celebrated in many countries around the globe it is not considered a public holiday in most countries especially the Philippines.

My Birthday Bash




We had the best experience on my birthday last Saturday (March 26). God is so good and faithful for the blessings and the life He bestowed upon me and my family. We went to different beaches in the south. We just stayed for 10 minutes and traveled to another beach. Then another beach nearby but we did not stay inside the resort rather we stayed outside but we entered through the gate, Lol! It was fun since nobody cared to check and ask. Then we went through and passed by the last beach where we stayed and paid in order for us to watch the sunset which is the cry of the team especially the youth with our sons. It’s a great experience though…

Our Church Anniversary

2nd anniver.2nd anniver8

We celebrated our church 2nd anniversary last Sunday. There were almost 50 people who came and we’re glad to see them, young and old. Our teenager helped me in the singing and we were able to lead the group in singing for the Lord. Our speaker was so bombastic that everybody seems to listen and we were all blessed by the message. We had our food prepared after the worship and we dine together.

The 2nd Year Anniversary

We will be celebrating our church anniversary this Sunday. The other small churches will be coming to join the mother church. Everybody seems very excited to be a part of the great celebration. We’re glad everything is taken cared of and some church members are giving and preparing for the said activity. We are doing some practices for the choir and the youth is doing their part as well. It will be a great day indeed!