The Time Spent

The time spent with the family is something that we treasure. This happened in Thailand when we stayed for 6 years. The kids grew in a different country, great people with a big heart for mankind. We usually hear Sawasdee Kha! And it has a lot of meanings. But the good thing is that, they honor their parents, the old ones, the teachers and fellowmen. If something happened, we could hear them saying…. Mai pen Rai Kha for women or ladies and Krap for men or boys! Therefore, I could say that Thailand is a nice place to live in with your family.

New Assignment

My hubby is the Battalion Civil Military Operations Officer of the 1st Ready Reserve Battalion of our province – Negros Occidental, under the 605th Community Defense Center, 6th Regional Community defense Group, Army Reserve Command, Philippine Army, as such, every year the Philippine Army Headquarters will assign them to new unit where they have to implement the National Service Training Program to the different school, colleges and universities.
He is now assigned at CHMSC Talisay main campus, to oversee and help facilitate those freshmen students enrolling in the program.

In spite that he is a product of one university which is also interested in hiring him to be an instructor, he preferred to be assigned to another unit. I am glad that he was chosen by the Commanding Officer to be the Instructor in this unit, he will be part of the state college where I am presently, teaching.

For such reason, his former unit where dismayed that they could not work together this opening but as one quotation I have read from Success stories, I could also echo my sentiments regarding this, “You will never discover new oceans unless you are not afraid to lose sight of the shore.” My husband believes that in a new environment, he might be able again to create an impact in the lives of the students and make a difference. It will also be a new kind of discoveries and an adventure for him.

Balokon Adventure



We came back to this mountain resort last weekend. We wanted to enjoy the beauty of nature and we’re glad to be back again with another group of family and friends. It’s always our joy to be a blessing to others as well as seeing and feeling the coldness of the place since it’s already at the foot of the mountain. It’s really a cold place even the swimming pool was so cold as ice, so what I did was to touch my feet first and stay around 5 minutes, then Soak the half part of my body and stay again for another 5 minutes. And the last was to deep my whole body and stay for almost an hour before going back to our room. It’s indeed a nice place to rest and it’s fan free. We don’t need to have a fan because the place is so cold.

The Ship


We had been to Bantayan, Cebu; AJ and I went with some friends when we first came from Thailand. While our teenager and hubby were left in Thailand we visited places nearby. It was fun and we enjoyed the fellowship and met new friends. Somehow, going to another place is something worthwhile and I personally had some kind of release from my work abroad. It’s a sort of enjoying and being away from the maddening crowd for a while.

“A Family that plays together stays together…”

We are living in a fast pace generation, where lots of families were too busy earning a living in such a way that they tend to forget that there are more essential things that matter in life. it is not wrong to want the best for the family – what is wrong, is when we forget the things that matter most to us. Due to the demand of our careers or our desire to lift up our economic and financial status, we sacrifice the one thing that we work hard for – the harmony and togetherness of our family.

We forget to give ourselves, and our family a most needed holiday. We worked ourselves to the bones, yet at the end of the day, when we take stock it seems that nothing much were added and we’re still stuck in the rut. Perhaps, what’s lacking is, for a time for our family to just let go of everything we do – packed our things and go some place to chill, to play, to make some memories and even just be together.

Perhaps we need again to rediscover the essence of play and recreation, and what its contribution to our well-being and family bonding. Actually, it is not about finances, its more about our creativeness – we can plan out great adventure and play for the family when we really understand the essence of play.

Time Spent


Hubby and I had a good time with our kids at SM last time. It’s better to be with the family and spend time with them while they’re still young. Spending time with the family is always the best thing to do. We enjoyed to be with each other and make each one feel special. We took a pose inside and we love the place since it’s cool and you feel good inside.

Busy Days…

Hubby had been busy these days coming back and forth preparing and helping his friends. He was even missed by his son and told me that he had not talked to his father for few days because his father will go back home late while he was still sleeping and will go out for exercise early morning while he still asleep.

I told his Papa about it and one time they met and talked. It was a good time for them as father and son while the younger would hug his Papa too. Hope we can have a date with hubby as well. We will be out early tomorrow again for another activity in the church that we were involved. It would be a busy day for both of us.