Behind the Yellow Lights

Do you like this lights? I do. I enjoyed just to look at it. Somehow lights are everywhere and it gives beauty to the place. Without lights the surroundings is dark and gloomy. Now, that lights give color it enlighten our ways. This one is something usual that I would like to share to some friends here at Monday Mellow Yellows. Come and join and you will find your day complete with a smile of yellow.

Thai Food

I’m not sure if you like or enjoy eating spicy food. I do as well as my teenager and hubby. We learned to eat spicy food when we’re in Thailand few years back. Last month I had the opportunity to cook spicy steamed fish for my students at ACM. I was glad I was able to make it and my students enjoy. Here are the ingredients:

– 1 big fish
– spicy mixture from Thailand
– tomatoes
– onion (Chopped)
– garlic
– onion leaves
– sili with calamansi and sugar to taste to minimize the spicy ingredient

This is Spicy noodles

And the Pla Neung Manao, the steamed fish… You could find more delicious food and recipes with Food Trip Friday.

Night in the Beach

Visiting beaches during night time is something for me and hubby. We enjoyed seeing the cool breeze during night time. There was an opportunity for us to travel back home and hubby was so glad looking at the beach. It was his enjoyable time and I can’t be with him because it was raining hard and I need to take care of myself. So I stayed back in the rented house near the seashore with my sister and parents. We love to visit that place again if given a chance. I guess, your Watery Wednesday post is also exciting. Will be there soon.