Chinese New Year

I’m glad I’m home and doing household chores since it’s Chinese New Year. Everyone seems busy preparing for the said event. Many Chinese were busy of so many things especially the food for the tummy. They are blessed since their forefathers prepared something for their future. Many fireworks were exploded and friends were busy going to and fro… It’s a brand new day!

Greetings from the Heart myspace graphic comments

I just wanna greet my sweetie a happy birthday. Tomorrow is his special day. We will be having some surprises for him and all of us to enjoy. Will be sharing after by then. Happy holidays everyone.

The Celebration (Phil. Independence)

Today, we celebrated our Philippine Independence and many activities were being held around the city. Just this afternoon we were stocked inside the jeep for more than an hour due to a long parade in connection of today’s celebration.

Filipinos are fond of following many celebrations here and there. Here in Bacolod, we follow the same event that is done by others in some parts of the country. We enjoy and capture the said activity and make our own way. Usually, most of the government employees joined and has a part in the program.

We had a long travel since the main roads were full of people doing the parade with all the props and the music they played. We had a different route just to get to our church where we had a half day meeting with the leaders. What a day and a celebration!

Alumni Homecoming


Last month I had a chance to attend for the first time on our Alumni Homecoming – our Alma Mater. I met some old friends and new friends as well. It was indeed a reunion to some especially those who sponsored the said event. It’s not so much for me since my old time friends were not able to come and join. I didn’t stay longer since I did not find it interesting anymore because my “Ka Berks” (close friends) were not around. I just ate dinner and take a pose to some teachers and went home with hubby.

Mellow Yellow Monday is now on – see you.