The Place to Stay

In this world that is filled with fast pace movement of technology and develop by new advancement of society in different aspects, for sure, everyone would love to have some time to relax in which nature is primarily involved. Everyone starves to inhale the scent of fresh air, watch a picture-perfect view, and a day to isolate oneself from the polluted and besmirched locale. In some ways, it was always been a goal to find a refuge wherein we could have all the chances to unlock the things that bother us, and have an intimate touch with God’s wonderful creation.

Once, I have encountered a peculiar spot. A place that is just a farther drive to Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC), and a little farther from Kipot Twin Falls, you are entering an exquisite destination. Feel the breeze of the air as the leaves are freely falling and hear the symphony of the rushing water. The place is filled with healthy-growing green trees, shrubs and various plants all over. Wanna know this place? Well, this is in Sitio Pataan, in its resort situated at Brgy. Mailum, Bago City. The said place is just along the road after you pass Buenos Aires and Kipot Twin Falls. It is said that a retired police bought the resort in the year 1998. Many people were interested in relevance to the resort’s expansion, yet the owner did not take any of them, instead, they depend on the family’s effort who gave contribution to the growth of the place from a humble bahay bakasyunan to a resort ready to accommodate travelers from other places. Now, with one of the Negros protuberant families, the mountain resort has been continuously functioning for more than 10 years. A great place indeed!

Balukon Resort

IMG_2480 IMG_2486 IMG_2495

We visited this place last week and we find it interesting in many ways since we travelled and went to different places nearby. When we went down from the bus we could feel the coldness that the place could offer. It was so cool that we could not feel any heat of the sun. It’s a place of comfort away from the city. There were people from different places dropped by and enjoy the place. It was so enticing that we only eat and enjoy the beauty of the resort. The water didn’t stop from the spring so the faucets were all open and the water is just waiting for anybody to feel and take a bath.

We will be going back soon with the family and the family of the brothers and sisters.

Just to Relax


Before we left to Singapore we passed by Iloilo and the wife of my cousin fetched us Gaisano City Mall. Then we proceeded to their house which is so nice and fantastic. We love the place and she brought us to the swimming pool nearby and let us see the model house which looked like this. It was indeed a wonderful experience before going to Singapore at midnight the same day. So we were not able to stay longer. Somehow, having a relaxation before leaving to another country is something we desired as a family. But we still need to ask the Lord for blessings. We’re and praying it will be done soon. God willing!

The Resort at the Heart


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A resort at the heart of the city. This is Caribbean, a resotel and a place full of people to enjoy, be together and dine. It’s also a place to relax, to be away from the maddening crowd and feel the gentle breeze while inside. Somehow coming to this place is something you need to think about. A place to treasure though.

It’s at the heart of the city near goldenfield commercial complex. Many tourists are coming and enjoyed the surrounding area. The owner might have a good income I guess, because it’s very near and you will enjoy the place.