Scenic Sunday – Bulata Beach

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Scenic Sunday

This is the place where I grew up. Learned many things and enjoyed near the mountains and seas. When my sister decided to visit this place, I immediately went with her as well as hubby. This is a cool place indeed although there were many changes but the place is still there and the name is still known to everyone. This is near Bulata Beach Resort. A resort that many foreigners just come and go and they come again and again. Sharing these photos for Scenic Sunday.

The Beauty of Bulata Beach

Scenic Sunday

Hubby and some friends went to this place while I stayed in the conference. He loved to visit some beaches so early morning they went there and enjoy the beautiful and cool place of Bulata Beach, here in Negros Occidental, Phil. I grew up near this place but sad to say that I wasn’t able to see this place for many years. This beach has many changes and renovations aside from the white beach of course. It looks like Borakay but a peaceful beach. I wished to be back to this place if given a chance. This is my Scenic Sunday.