Singing Career

I will be singing tomorrow together with my co-teacher during the search for Mr and Miss 2016 in the graduate studies program. Glad to be a part of the team. It’s a busy weekend indeed.

There will be some sports in the morning and other activities for the students to enjoy and participate. Teachers are requested to come and join as well.

The Singing Contest

Two weeks ago we had our Intramurals week and everyone enjoyed the celebration and activity. There were cultural and sports activities. Sad to say most of the time there were heavy rain and the sports activities were delayed. Students had the opportunity to join in any sports and cultural activities. One of the things that we joined in the BEED department was the singing contest and our group won “2nd place”. It’s an unforgettable experience for everyone ho joined.

The Competition

This week is our Intramural and one of the activities that we’re having is Musical competition and sports. It will be a busy week for us as well as the students. These are opportunities that students will be developed emotionally, physically, and spiritually. A blessing for each one to develop the camaraderie and meeting friends in school. Glad to have this kind of involvement since teachers and students alike joined forces to meet the goal and be part of the activities of the school.

Exam Week

Last week was our exam in Midterm. Most of the students had a hard time to study since they are also preparing for the coming Intramural. Everybody seems to be very busy studying and thinking of other things and joining competitions. It was also a hard time for me because I was training the students for the choral competition. At least the students have finally chosen the songs and prepared for the event.

My Students in Action


On my first year of teaching at CHMSC-Talisay, I was able to teach Humanities for First Year students. I was excited since one of the things that they need to do is to act, sing and draw. I was teaching the same subject in a private school so I have already the idea on what to do. This is one of the activities that they need to accomplish. I was glad to see them enjoying while imagining on what to draw. Others were upset since it’s their first time to do it.

After few minutes they were able to make it and this is the final outcome. They did a great job. When we give opportunities and chances for students to explore and discover their potentialities, they would come out and say “I discover another talent” and I love it.

Exam Week

I’m preparing more than one questionnaire for our exam this week. It’s good that I am giving a long test for my students so I have some time to spend for the questions. I need to finish it tomorrow. Can anybody help me? Thank God for the strength and the joy of working. It will be a tough week for us though.

Act Like a King

Our 12-year old son was task by his teacher to prepare a suit and act like King Solomon. It was tough at first because the parents were expected to prepare all the materials and nobody will pay for it. But I decided to buy the needed materials because my son will be doing this for the school and I have nothing to ask from the school. Anyway, I bought some of the clothing needed and I ask my mother to do it. It will be shown later.