Couple’s Day Out

Its been a long summer for me. With all the obligations and responsibilities heaped up on me in our school. I am looking forward to the time that I can just get out of this rut, be myself, loaf around and watch the world go by. I guess.. i really need some breather – before class starts this June.

The opportunity presents itself, when some couples in our church planned out an event – an overnight in one of the mountain resorts, a 30-minute drive to southeast of our city. It’s a place where you can just spend the time exploring the hiking trails to the falls, watching the fruit bats and different species of butterflies in their natural habitat, take a dip in the river or a hot spring, and if you’re kind of adventurous and free spirit – there’s rock climbing, a zip line and boating in a lagoon. I am now preparing for that event – it will be fun and worth the trip, especially that in the evening.. there will be some games and fun filled activities planned out.

I am really excited for our Couple’s Day out – of course our husband will be there too.

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  1. SWEET!!! :3 knami lng kung mka spend time ka upd sa hubby mo miss. :3 knami sng idea.

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