Glee Club Member

I had been a Glee Club member when I was in college taking my Bachelor’s Degree that was more than a decade ago. Manay Lily Cabahug was our trainer after Maam Jean Banasing. Manay Lily encouraged us to join the NAMCYA competition at CCP Manila. That was a very interesting part of our lives in college. We joined in the regional level and headed to the National Level of competition. There were 15 regions competitive and I could still remember the time when we’re at CCP, it seemed that we’re all looked like “Batang Negros.” All the singers from UST-Manila put us down and looked us as if we’re not that good like them. They humiliated us and we never thought we could be on top.

We sang with gusto and we really did our best. Everyone seemed clapping their hands at us and the person in charge of us never thought of us giving our best that time. The crowd thought that we won in that contest. However, we won 2nd place and UST singing group didn’t make it to the top.

I always believe in the words from the Bible: Those who humbleth themselves will be exalted and those who exalteth themselves will be abased. That was the memory that always linger in our hearts up to this time. That’s why we have things in common when we met as a group. We enjoyed and we rejoice together by God’s Unfailing Love.

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