God with Us

I will be leading a church Praise and Worship with my team and we desired to sing hymns since it’s a holiday season we decided to sing Christmas hymns. I love the lyrics of the songs we chose for tomorrow. I will be playing the keyboard so I will share the lyrics here. Try to ponder upon the words in this song!

Christmas is about His glory… Christmas is about His grace Christmas is a gift of love our Father gave us More than just another story about a special time and place Christmas is a time to lift a song of praise

For God is with us and we celebrate the glory of His presence Christ has come to fill our hearts with love He came to save us King of kings and Lord of lords, His name is Jesus! God with us, Emmanuel has come!

Angels fill the night with singing, God is reaching out to man Bringing us a gift of hope in Christ our Savior More than just a time of giving, this is God’s eternal plan And Christmas is the reason we can sing again.

Ponder upon the lyrics of this song and you will be blessed!

A blessed Christmas everyone!

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