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I’m not sure if my blogs are hacked again. All I know is it is blocked and I don’t know why??? Anyway, I will still continue to work it out and will continue to write if I have a chance to do so.

This is my blog about my love story and I need to keep it going. I am still encouraged to write and be a part of the blogging world.

3 thoughts on “Keep Writing”

  1. Hi miss! . Spending time wid family is a refreshing thing to do gd ya. We all get t0 kn0w our family better and bec0me a l0t cl0ser to each other . .and after a l0ng and tiring time of w0rk, just seeing our family and spending a nice time wid them, relieves us fr0m stress . .na inspire ko ab0ut sa TIME SPENT miss . . D lastime i had a family b0nding wid mama and papa was two or three m0nths ago. I d0nt often see them and i already miss them. Hehe. I’m praying 4 even just a day to spend wid them.. thanks miss. GOD bless.

  2. My comment about the Category “Memories” The TAHBSO Experience
    I have been amazed to your faith in the Lord our creator
    I know that kind of experiece was never been easy to you facing a challenge that you never been expecting and loosing a baby was never been easy to a mother but still you prepare your self to the operation and you never lose hope and instead of saying something in the Lord you just prayed that the operation will be successful and that really happened…for a christian who never fail to trust GOD…the promises of the Lord are true and visible to those who have faith!….GOD Bless you and your family always.

  3. spending time with family is a key to happiness…. it is also important and meaningful…
    thanks to GOD that he gave us a family who will took care for us…. 🙂

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