Mambucal Resort

We were excited to visit Mambucal once again with my hubby. I had been there when hubby and I met more than 20 years ago. Wow, the place was changed, the pathway was not the same as before. But the good thing was, hubby and I were able to go to the 6th falls. I experienced for the first time going up where your jaw and knees met. Yet it was a memorable experience since hubby was with me and we enjoyed.

After going up to the 6th falls, we came down and met some friends along the way. Then we looked for food to eat since it was already lunch time. We were able to dine and rested for a while. Then proceeded to a hot spring where sulfur is present. We stayed for awhile and met another student, we were her teachers in high school. Wow, what a day! We really enjoyed the fellowship as husband and wife.

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