New Greater Opportunities

This New Year brings new opportunities and blessings! We just need to TRUST the One who promised, the One who loves mankind, and the One who came, save, and died for all! New opportunities to help someone in need. Greater tasks to be of service, to be of help, and to be spending time with the Lord!

God loves those who call upon His name and ask for His help and blessings! He knows my name and knows everyone. Yet, He won’t help if you don’t ask and He won’t intervene if you don’t want Him to be a part of your life. He understands our frailties but we need to call upon His name, pray and ask for His help because He is just a prayer away! I love my God because He hears and answers my prayers!

Whatever this year brings – I am confident that He who promised is faithful and He is just there waiting for us to call on Him! What are you going to do? Will you call upon His Name? It’s your choice!

A blessed new year everyone!

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