Our Love Story – Con’t.

In our first chapter of our Love Story hubby and I were friends. To know that I was a type of girl before that boys could hardly attack. I mean guys could not easily court me because I was that type that had the capacity of being an old maid. What I mean is that even if I like that guy he can’t detect that I also like him. I will do my best to keep my feelings.

Hubby saw me while I was singing in a concert with my group. I was joining in a singing group inside and outside the campus. Inside since I was a Glee Club member and scholar. Outside in the sense that I joined in another group singing for the Lord anywhere the Lord calls for us to sing. I missed and enjoyed those days. During our concert, hubby saw me and was attracted to my voice and my slim body structure. According to him, I was cute and had a voice that he likes.

Time really allowed us to see each other again in the university. When he saw me, he immediately shouted “I like your voice and I like you” …. I didn’t bother as if I did not hear anything. I kept walking and proceeded to the way I was going.

Another chance to see him again, as if the Lord allowed us to each other time and time again. It is really true when it is God’s will He will find a way…