Pampering Myself

It’s the first time for me to pamper myself this much! I’ve got my new eyeglasses today. It was a time for myself and I. It’s nice to have time for yourself and give yourself a break. Then I hurriedly went to a mall for my beauty treatment. It’s nice though I spent much on beauty products. I guess I deserve to be treated by myself once in a while.

Having legit beauty products is really that much! you need to think many times before buying since it costs a lot. But by looking at it and having the feel would mean something for you as a woman. It hurts in the pocket but the beauty and relaxation that you can get is something to treasure. Somehow, it pays after a couple of months of seeing the result.

I’m excited about the result but thinking of what might happen in my face after a month or two is more exciting. I just give it a try and hope to see a better me. I will show you the before and after soon.

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