The Boracay Expose (First Day)

Coming to Boracay for the first time is indeed a memorable experience. Thanks to my dear friend Leny who invited me to join with the group.

This is an awesome place, I could attest how God richly bless the island. It’s so beautiful and wonderfully created by God. At first, the trip was quite not visible since there was a typhoon and lasted for few days. There was a rescheduled rebooking due to rainy days however, we were able to make it.

We woke up early on the first day and that was Holy Thursday when the sun rises for the first time after a 4-day rainy days with typhoon. Somehow, God works miraculously that even our desires and wants were granted.

We took Roro via Dumangas at 4am, a long and crowded line with a lot of people around the area with some kids were waiting just to get a ticket going to Dumangas. A van was waiting when we reached the place, and we were blessed as we travel because everything was smooth.

We were so hungry on our way since we just ate a little amount because it’s too early. Somehow, we were able to survive and patiently waited for the right stop to dine for brunch (breakfast and lunch).

We travelled that far almost 5hours but it’s worth it! A nice feeling to see Boracay for the first time. Thank you Lord for the safe travel and the provisions.

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